Trump Endorses Ryan in Green Bay | Aug 2016

Trump belatedly endorses Ryan in Wisconsin rally

– Green Bay Gazette

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“GREEN BAY — With no prominent Wisconsin Republicans on hand, GOP nominee Donald Trump limped into Wisconsin Friday and endorsed House Speaker Paul Ryan and 2008 nominee John McCain, trying to bind up wounds after a week of party infighting.

After spending several days feuding with Ryan, McCain, the Arizona senator, and New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, Trump endorsed them all Friday, acknowledging the obvious: that as president he would need GOP allies in Congress.

“I embrace the wisdom that my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy,” Trump said.

The divisions of the past few days remained evident within the rally itself Friday, with the crowd both cheering and booing when Trump said, “I support and endorse Paul Ryan.”

At the rally, Green Bay resident Dennis Carr said he favored Trump over Ryan, calling the speaker “part of the establishment” in Washington, D.C. Carr said he was disappointed in Gov. Scott Walker and other Republican officials in the state for not coming to the rally Friday.

But Carr also said Trump’s move to endorse Ryan was a good move toward healing the rift between some Republicans and Trump.

“I think he needs to heal (the party),” Carr said. “It’s not all Ryan’s fault. It’s Trump’s, too. I’ll admit that.”

But the endorsement didn’t sound so good to Ron and Michelle Lovelien, small-business owners who drove three hours from Eau Claire to Green Bay to see Trump.

“Paul Ryan has to go. I think he’s a disgrace,” said Michelle Lovelien, who with her husband runs four coffeehouses with about 20 employees.

“He’s turned into a lifelong politician…He’s for open borders,” said Ron Lovelien, giving a position that Ryan says he rejects.

“I don’t believe anyone who’s a career politician anymore,” he said of Ryan.

The couple  said they are frightened by the prospect of a Clinton victory. They see the former secretary of state and President Barack Obama as fundamentally untrustworthy, pointing to recent terror attacks and the cash payment to Iran

But statewide Republican officeholders were nowhere to be seen Friday in Green Bay  —  Walker and U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson were all attending events elsewhere.”

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