Trump Immigration Speech in Phoenix Arizona | Aug 2016

Massive Crowd – Donald Trump Rally and Speech, Phoenix Arizona

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Trump Calls for passage of Kate’s Law which would require ‘strong’ mandatory sentences for criminal illegal aliens convicted of illegal re-entry if found in the USA. Today this speech vindicated those working for months for this law. More to follow. Trump calls for a ‘rotten apple’ approach on the first day in office. You get the worst ones out first. Gives a head start on ‘comprehensive’ removal./CJ 


– Donald Trump makes a decisive statement on upholding the laws on US immigration.

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“Hillary Clinton has pledged amnesty in her first 100 days, and her plan will provide Obamacare, Social Security and Medicare for illegal immigrants – breaking the federal budget. On top of that, she promises uncontrolled low-skilled immigration that continues to reduce jobs and wages for American workers, especially African-American and Hispanic workers. This includes her plan to bring in 620,000 new refugees in a four-year term.

Now that you’ve heard about Hillary Clinton’s plan – about which she has not answered a single substantive question – let me tell you about my plan.

While Hillary Clinton meets only with donors and lobbyists, my plan was crafted with the input from federal immigration officers, along with top immigration experts who represent workers, not corporations. I also worked with lawmakers who’ve led on this issue on behalf of American citizens for many years, and most importantly, I’ve met with the people directly impacted by these policies.

Number One: We will build a wall along the Southern Border.

On day one, we will begin working on an impenetrable physical wall on the southern border. We will use the best technology, including above-and below-ground sensors, towers, aerial surveillance and manpower to supplement the wall, find and dislocate tunnels, and keep out the criminal cartels, and Mexico will pay for the wall.

Number Two: End Catch-And-Release

Under my Administration, anyone who illegally crosses the border will be detained until they are removed out of our country.

Number Three: Zero tolerance for criminal aliens.

According to federal data, there are at least 2 million criminal aliens now inside the country. We will begin moving them out day one, in joint operations with local, state and federal law enforcement.

Beyond the 2 million, there are a vast number of additional criminal illegal immigrants who have fled or evaded justice. But their days on the run will soon be over. They go out, and they go out fast.

Moving forward, we will issue detainers for all illegal immigrants who are arrested for any crime whatsoever, and they will be placed into immediate removal proceedings. We will terminate the Obama Administration’s deadly non-enforcement policies that allow thousands of criminal aliens to freely roam our streets.

Number Four: Block Funding For Sanctuary Cities

We will end the Sanctuary Cities that have resulted in so many needless deaths. Cities that refuse to cooperate with federal authorities will not receive taxpayer dollars, and we will work with Congress to pass legislation to protect those jurisdictions that do assist federal authorities.

Number Five: Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders & Enforce All Immigration Laws

We will immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties, in which he defied federal law and the constitution to give amnesty to approximately 5 million illegal immigrants.

Since 2013 alone, the Obama Administration has allowed 300,000 criminal aliens to return back into U.S. communities – these are individuals encountered or identified by ICE but who were not detained or processed for deportation.

My plan also includes cooperating closely with local jurisdictions to remove criminal aliens.

We will restore the highly successful Secure Communities program. We will expand and revitalize the popular 287(g) partnerships, which will help to identify hundreds of thousands of deportable aliens in local jails. Both of these programs have been recklessly gutted by this Administration. This is yet one more area where we are headed in a totally opposite direction.

On my first day in office, I am also going to ask Congress to pass “Kate’s Law” – named for Kate Steinle – to ensure that criminal aliens convicted of illegal reentry face receive strong mandatory minimum sentences.”

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For those who don’t recall the Kate Steinle San Francisco Pier 14 Murder by an illegal alien – Major Kudos to Trump for Mentioning It


Kate Steinle case: Judge upholds murder charge in pier killing  |  April 2016

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“SAN FRANCISCO — A judge on Tuesday refused to dismiss a second-degree murder charge against the illegal immigrant accused of fatally shooting a woman who was strolling on a city pier last summer in a case that sparked a national uproar over immigration policy.

Attorneys for Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez had asked the judge to throw out the charge in the death of Kate Steinle, 32, arguing that police had improperly detained him for seven to eight hours before questioning him.

But San Francisco Superior Court Judge James P. Collins denied the request in a quick hearing, ruling that police acted properly in arresting Lopez-Sanchez based on witnesses’ cellphone photos and descriptions of a disheveled man leaving the chaotic scene.

Steinle, a former Pleasanton resident, was walking on Pier 14 when she was shot in the back July 1. As she collapsed into her father’s arms, Jim Steinle said, her dying words were: “Help me, Dad.”

The killing — and revelations that the suspect had been repeatedly deported to Mexico — sparked a national outcry just days after Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump brought illegal immigration to the center of his campaign by saying Mexico was sending drugs, crime and rapists to the United States.

Lopez-Sanchez, who has entered the U.S. illegally five times, became a symbol of the national debate over border patrol, deportation and sanctuary programs.

Shortly before Steinle’s killing, Lopez-Sanchez finished a federal prison term and was brought to San Francisco to face minor drug charges based on a warrant more than a decade old. But he was released onto the city’s streets under San Francisco’s Sanctuary City program rather than being turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation.

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In memory of the unforgettable Kate Steinle of Pleasanton California:

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The Danger of Sanctuary Cities | Apr 2016


Trump in Mexico: We Have the Sovereign Right to Build a Wall | Aug 2016

Trump: Both our nations benefit from a close and honest relationship

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“Donald Trump and Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto met in Mexico City, Mexico on Wednesday afternoon and issued joint statements at a press conference, where Trump declared each country has a right to build a wall on its border.

“Having a secure border is a sovereign right and mutually beneficial,” Trump stated during the press conference, adding that both countries respect the right of either country to build a physical wall on its land.

However, there was no discussion during the meeting of which country would be paying for the wall.

We had a very substantive, direct, and constructive exchange of ideas over quite a period of time. I was straightforward in presenting my views of the impacts of current trade and immigration policies on the United States,” Trump stated at the beginning of the press conference with Mexico’s president. “We want to make sure the people of the United States are very well protected. You equally expressed your feelings and your love for Mexico.”

Trump said the two countries are “united by our support of democracy” and praised the contribution from Mexican-Americans in the United States. “They are amazing people.”

“I’m proud to say how many people I employ in the United States. First, second, and third generation Mexicans are just…spectacular, spectacular, hard-working people,” Trump added, saying he has respect for their family and community values.

Trump disclosed that immigration and trade policy was discussed during the private meeting between himself and Nieto.

“No one wins in either country when human smugglers and drug traffickers prey on innocent people,” Trump stated, also noting, “We must take action to stem this tremendous outflow of jobs from our country.”

“Prosperity and happiness in both of our countries will increase if we work together on the following five shared goals,” Trump stated, as he began listing five points he hopes to accomplish with Mexico if he is elected President of the United States.

The five goals are:

  1. Ending illegal immigration
  2. Having a secure border, with each country having the right to build a physical wall
  3. Dismantling drug cartels and ending the movement of illegal weapons and funds across the border
  4. Improving NAFTA
  5. Keeping wealth from manufacturing in the hemisphere

“Both our nations benefit from a close and honest relationship between our two governments,” Trump added.”

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How China Trumps the U.S. on Trade | Aug 2016

This GIF Shows How China Trumps the U.S. on Trade




“The start couldn’t be more balanced: in 1985, the U.S. exported $3.9 billion to China, and imported goods and services for the exact same amount. But by 2015, there was a staggering imbalance, to China’s advantage, of $365.7 billion – an all-time record, not just for U.S.-China trade, but for any bilateral trade,ever.

It’s not that U.S. exports to China haven’t increased. They have, and by a lot. America exported an impressive $116.2 billion into China last year, 30 times more than in 1985. That makes China the U.S.’s third-biggest export market, nearly twice as important as Japan ($62.5 billion), in fourth place. But that’s still a lot less than U.S. exports to Canada ($280.3 billion) or Mexico ($236.4 billion). Meanwhile, Chinese exports to the U.S. have exploded. In 2015, China exported $481.9 billion to the U.S. – an amazing 123 times more than in 1985.

But it’s transforming these raw data into moving images that really brings home the runaway nature of America’s trade deficit with China.”

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More on U.S. / China Trade @ CaliforniaJimmy:

“Free Trade” with China – Big Negative for USA | Mar 2016


How did Hillary serve on Watergate Committee in 1974 if she Failed DC Bar Exam in 1973?

Did Hillary Pay to get ‘Waived in’ to DC Bar after failing Bar Exam to work on Watergate Impeachment Committee?

– Carl Bernstein  |  CNN


“…..I mean, I was astounded when I learned this. She had failed the D.C. bar exam.
She had never revealed it for 25 years or so that she had failed the bar exam. She had intended to stay in Washington after working on the Nixon impeachment investigation of the House Judiciary Committee and go to work for a big D.C. law firm, and probably specialize in children’s defense law, which she had devoted her life to up to that point and still is devoted to…..
And what happens? She failed the D.C. bar exam. Not one of the more difficult bar exams in the country. I’m sure she felt humiliated by it. Lots of people fail the bar exam the first time they take it. They have a bad day. But she hid the fact from others for all those years. Those who knew her the absolute best, including Diane Blair, probably her closest friend. When I said to Blair, “Did you know that Hillary had failed the bar exam?” she looked at me like I was out of my mind.
And so, to explain what really happened in this period: Bill Clinton had wanted her to come to Arkansas, but she wasn’t heading that way. She was heading to a big Washington law firm and wanted Bill to join her in the capital. She took the bar. She failed it. And then she decided, “Okay. I’ll go to Arkansas.” And she did.”
                                                                                      – Carl Bernstein
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Question: If Hillary failed the DC bar in 1973, how did she manage to work as a junior lawyer on the Watergate House Judiciary Committee in 1974?
Hillary failed the DC Bar and kept that personal and professional failure from her closest friends for 30 years. What else did she lie about?
Did she lie to the House Committee lawyers as well?
Or did she pay to get ‘waived’ in?/CJ


Why did Hillary Clinton fail the D.C. bar exam?  

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More importantly what did she do after she failed the bar?

“Even though it sometimes seems like everyone in D.C. is a lawyer, only a few hundred people take the D.C. bar exam each year, compared to thousands in states like New York, California, and Texas. This is because, generally speaking, a member of any other American state bar in good standing is allowed to “waive in” to D.C., that is, complete an application, pay a fee, and thereby become a member of the D.C. bar without examination. As a result, most lawyers who want to practice in D.C. tend to take the bar exam of another state first, and then go the application route.”

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Hillary Recalls Role as Watergate lawyer: “It was unbelievable’

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Surprise: Hillary Lied While a ‘lawyer’ on Nixon House Impeachment Committee

– Slate


By Ron Rosenbaum:

“I covered the impeachment hearings to the bitter end when Nixon resigned in August 1974. (I was in the East Room of the White House when he “teared up” making his farewell before coptering off to exile.) I have no memory of seeing young Hillary Rodham in the hearing room, but I remember thinking at the time of the Impeachment Committee staff as heroic seekers of truth.

But Hillary’s boss on the staff, Jerome Zeifman, asserts now that one reason she’s downplayed her Impeachment Committee service is that she has something to hide.

He accuses her of “unethical” conduct, says that “Hillary … lied to me” and that she was a pawn in a Kennedy-orchestrated conspiracy to manipulate the impeachment hearings. And he claims he has a witness to corroborate this characterization:

“After President Nixon’s resignation,” Zeifman writes, “a young lawyer, who shared an office with Hillary, confided in me that he was dismayed by her erroneous legal opinions and efforts to deny Nixon representation by counsel—as well as an unwillingness to investigate Nixon. In my diary of August 12, 1974 I noted the following:

‘John Labovitz apologized to me for the fact that months ago he and Hillary had lied to me’ [to conceal rules changes and dilatory tactics]. Labovitz said, “That came from Yale.” I said, “You mean Burke Marshall [Sen. Ted Kennedy’s chief political strategist, with whom Hillary regularly consulted in violation of House rules]. Labovitz said, “Yes.” His apology was significant to me, not because it was a revelation but because of his contrition.’

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Hacking and The Growing Global Consolidation of Electronic Voting Systems | Aug 2016

FBI detects breaches against two state voter systems  |  Arizona & Illinois

– Yahoo News


“WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation has found breaches in Illinois and Arizona’s voter registration databases and is urging states to increase computer security ahead of the Nov. 8 presidential election, according to a U.S. official familiar with the probe.”

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Vote Fraud Smoking Gun Banned From CNN, FOX & NBC – Bev Harris on Lou Dobbs

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Soros-connected Vote-counting Firm Expands in U.S.

– The New American  |  Oct 2013


“A Spanish vote-tabulation firm with ties to billionaire globalist George Soros is purchasing software to give it greater power over the voting in U.S. elections.

In a press release under a Barcelona and Tampa, Florida dateline, Scytl announced:

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"In a major step towards global centralization of election processes, the world's dominant Internet voting company has purchased the USA's dominant election results reporting company.

When you view your local or state election results on the Internet, on portals which often appear to be owned by the county elections division, in over 525 US jurisdictions you are actually redirected to a private corporate site controlled by SOE software, which operates under the name

The good news is that this firm promptly reports precinct-level detail in downloadable spreadsheet format. As reported by in 2008, the bad news is that this centralizes one middleman access point for over 525 jurisdictions in AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, KY, MI, KS, IL, IN, NC, NM, MN, NY, SC, TX, UT, WA. And growing.

As local election results funnel through SOE’s servers (typically before they reach the public elsewhere), those who run the computer servers for SOE essentially get “first look” at results and the ability to immediately and privately examine vote details throughout the USA.”

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Microsoft’s Iowa Vote-Count A Dry Run for Bigger Corporate Role In U.S. Election Process

– Breitbart  |  Feb 2016


The use of Microsoft’s vote-counting technology in Monday’s Iowa Caucus may foreshadow a future in which corporate technology plays a central role in U.S. elections, raising concerns about the possibility of private firms skewing the democratic process.

volunteer effort.”

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What ‘Liberals’ May Really Think About ‘Latinos’ – Exhibit A: Kelly Osbourne | Aug 2016

Why Rosie Perez Really Quit The View

– Young Turks  |  Youtube

“Rosie Perez canceled her last appearances on The View after being forced to apologize to Kelly Osbourne for her anger at her co-star’s racist remark about Latinos, Daily Mail Online can reveal exclusively today.

Rosie refused to turn up for her two, final live shows last week and skipped several, pre-taped appearances after having an intense blow-up with ABC executives over Kelly’s on-air comment.

Kelly, 30, caused outrage after asking: ‘If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?’ 

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Enough is Enough Open Borders are Killing Us | Aug 2016

Honduran Immigrant and Son Sue US Government After Being Held in Detention Center for 4 Months

– the Gatewaypundit


“Honduran Suny Rodriquez Alvarado fled Honduras due to the violence. She came to America illegally. Once she crossed the border she was held for four months with her son in a Texas dentention center. Now she is suing the US government for damages.

The so-called “detention centers” have pools, cable tv, meals, a roof over your head, etc.

Via FOX News:

Murder Charge Added Against DUI Suspect with ICE Immigration Hold

An Honduran woman is suing the Obama administration over alleged mistreatment that she and her child suffered while held in a family detention center in Dilley, Texas.

The woman, Suny Rodriguez Alvarado, filed the lawsuit – on which her then-7-year-old son also is a plaintiff – in federal court in New Jersey. Alvarado, who is 43, was kept in detention for more than four months last year.

The suit is believed to be the first of its kind to seek damages for harm suffered in Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention while seeking refugee status.

A release about the lawsuit reads, “Suny Rodriguez Alvarado and her 7-year-old son, Angelo, left their home in Honduras because of persistent threats of police violence, only to be subjected to prolonged detention, coercion and abuse by Department of Homeland Security officials.”

In an interview with Fox News Latino, Rodriguez said that her son remains traumatized from his time in detention.

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Murder Charge Added Against DUI Suspect with ICE Immigration Hold

– Daily Mail UK


“DUI suspect ‘kept driving for a MILE with a dead pedestrian wedged in her windshield and his severed leg on her trunk after a night of bar hopping’

A drunk driver allegedly hit and killed a homeless pedestrian, then drove for a mile with his body wedged in her windshield.

Stacy Sanchez, 29, was arrested outside her Oceanside, California, home on Monday morning after she walked away from her wrecked car with the victim still stuck inside.

Police say she smashed into the pedestrian on the sidewalk after drinking all night.

Her speed sent him flying through the windshield with such force that his head was resting on the passenger seat.

The man’s leg also detached from his body and flew through the back window, landing on the trunk of the car.

Witnesses told Fox 5 San Diego Sanchez got out of the car screaming when she arrived back in the cul-de-sac where she lived. She then walked around the corner and entered her home.

Edgar Esparza left his house and saw the car with the body still on the windshield.

The teenager then asked Sanchez what had happened, but she said everything was fine.

He added that her clothes suggested she had been on a night out.

When paramedics arrived, the pronounced the pedestrian dead at the scene.”

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WILL DRUNK ILLEGAL Who Drove With Dead Body In Windshield Be Deported?


“Yes, the woman who hit a man walking on the sidewalk and then drove with his dead body in her windshield, is an illegal alien. This bar hopping murderer has no regard for our laws and was WASTED beyond belief. How else would she be able to drive with a dead body through the windshield? The question that’s been repeatedly raised is whether she’ll be deported. Can you believe that? There should be NO question about deportation!

A drunk driver allegedly hit and killed a homeless pedestrian, then drove for a mile with his body wedged in her windshield.

Police said Esteysi Sanchez Izazaga, 29, who goes by Stacy Sanchez, drove her car onto the sidewalk and hit the man at random.

Stacy Sanchez, 29, was arrested outside her Oceanside, California, home on Monday morning after she ran away from her wrecked car with the victim still stuck inside.

The defendant ran to her home — located about a block away — and was arrested by police an hour later, the prosecutor said. Sanchez still had shards of glass in her hair when she was taken into custody, McLeod said.”

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Dead ISIS Terrorist Was On Welfare Rolls in Maine



Terrorists know that all they have to do is come to America as immigrants and they can use our own generosity against us. One man from Iran did just that in Maine.

The Daily Caller reports:

Deceased ISIS Terrorist Was On Maine’s Welfare Rolls

Adnan Fazeli lived in Freeport, Maine with his wife and children. An Iranian refugee, he worked several jobs between 2009 and 2013, before boarding a plane to Turkey without his family.

He never returned. Documents released earlier this month show he became an ISIS fighter and was killed by Lebanese forces in January 2015. And during his four years, he and his family used federal and state welfare programs that The Boston Herald reports allowed him the time to self-radicalize over the Internet.

Maine Governor Paul LePage reacted strongly to the news. “I’m having [the Maine Department of Health and Human Services] look at our welfare rolls closer,” he said last week. “All the other states should look at the eligibility, too.”

According to LePage, the federal government is at fault for letting Fazeli in the country. “If people need to eat, I’ll feed them. But I want to keep Americans safe,” LePage said. “This is very embarrassing to the state of Maine, and I point the finger at the president and say, ‘How did this happen?’ If the federal government doesn’t do their job we don’t know what we’re getting.”

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Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn: Terror-Linked Nations ‘Cutting Deals’ with Mexican Cartels to Enter U.S.

– Breitbart


“Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), tells Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM that countries that are known to support radical Islamic terrorism are “cutting deals” with Mexican cartels for access to human smuggling routes into the United States.

Citing photos from the U.S. Border Patrol component of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency on Friday, Gen. Flynn also told Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle, host of Breitbart News Daily, that there are signs in Arabic posted along human smuggling routes at the section of the border that lies in Texas providing directions for how to sneak into the United States.

Moreover, the former DIA chief said that the Shiite Lebanese narco-terrorist group Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy, is illegally trafficking humans, drugs, and other contraband into the United States.

His comments echo recent warnings from the U.S. military, suggesting that criminal groups in Latin America may be collaborating with Islamic extremist organizations.”

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