Hillary ‘Extremely Careless with National Security’ | July 2016

Comey Calls Clinton’s Server ‘Extremely Careless’

– FoxNews | Youtube

– “I continue to believe she has not jeopardized national security….but there’s a, uh, uh, a carelessness in terms of managing……..emails.”


‘Any person in her position should have known….Extremely Careless with National Security….’

– Youtube

 – Hillary was extremely careless with national security information. In a serious world, where weakness is tested, it is a good thing Hillary was not entrusted with radioactive or biologically dangerous material.
Imagine if she handled such material in a ‘careless manner?’
Now imagine Hillary entrusted with our national security? Why is she not prosecutable. If it were an ordinary citizen she would be seeking bail.
No wonder Hillary Clinton is laughing. The law is for the ‘little people’ no doubt./CJ



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