“This Isn’t Going to Stop ISIS” | June 2016

Latest Nehlen Campaign Ad Shatters Lie of Border Security, Calls Paul Ryan to Account

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(Kenosha, WI) – “Paul Ryan has pretended to care about national security for years. It’s time to expose the gap between his glowing marketing spin and the truth,” said insurgent candidate Paul Nehlen today of the new television ad he has just released in his campaign to unseat Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District.

There can be no doubt in watching the 30-second ad that it ramps up the pressure on Ryan.

“This is the Rio Grande,” Nehlen says in the opening moments of the ad, as the camera soars above an incredibly narrow point in the river. “This is Texas,” he continues, standing at water’s edge, “and that’s Mexico,” he motions over his shoulder to the opposite bank.

Then, advancing with determination directly toward the camera, Nehlen crosses from the far side of an unguarded footbridge over the river. “If ISIS wanted to attack America, this si not gonna stop ’em,” he confidently asserts.

“This isn’t gonna stop ’em,” he says again, as he jobs easily up and open hillside.

“Or this,” he notes, standing next to a poorly maintained section of border fence–literally a row of tall metal posts jutting out of some reinforced concrete. The view is left to observe that the section of wall simply ends with shocking abruptness.

“Paul Ryan’s had 18 years to secure this border,” Nehlen observes as he holds with one hand the post of a shoulder-high barbed-wire fence just next to the taller ‘barrier.’

And then Nehlen delivers the coup de grâce. He lets go of the post he’s been holding. And as he does, the entire barbed-wire fence literally collapses.

“He’s failed,” the insurgent candidate notes.

“I’m Paul Nehlen, and I approve this message,” he concludes, walking toward the camera at an oblique angle and past a handful of armed county law-enforcement officers.

It’s a devastating indictment of the 18-year incumbent’s abysmal record on border security.

“Paul Ryan will have little choice now, but to explain himself,” Nehlen says of the ad. “Unfortunately for him, the marketing spin just isn’t going to work any longer. We’ve made sure of that.”


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