Former Saudi Arab Muslim Shura Council Member Speaks Out about the West | June 2016

A Wise Honest Arab Muslim Man Tells Muslims The Truth About Themselves

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The video explores the deficiencies in Arab and Muslim culture that keeps the culture locked in the past and fearful about progress for the future and West.

“In my view, over the centuries, the Arabs believed – and continue to believe, that they have sufficient knowledge and wisdom, and that they do not need to learn anything from others, because they appeared on the stage of history, in order to conquer, not to learn, to teach, not to study….This delusion of the Arabs persists to this day, even though the entire world has changed….The truth is that the Arabs have nothing to offer others, yet they continue….”

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Muslims tell you the truth about their belief and goals

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“This war is fundamentally religious.”  – Osama bin Laden

Interesting video with quotes from the founders of CAIR.

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