This is Not America – Part II – San Diego | May 2016

USA: Arrests made as anti-Trump protesters clash with police in San Diego

– Youtube  |

 – Anti-Trump, pro-Mexico immigration protestors outside the Donald Trump rally today in San Diego, Memorial Day Weekend.

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– Short and to the point. The commentary from the anchor is priceless and shows just how out of touch the mainstream media is. /CJ



Telemundo Caught Staging Propaganda at San Diego Anti-Trump Rally

– Youtube / Rebel Media

– This is a strange idea of ‘free’ press and ‘hey, he’s just a minor’ excuses.

When the press is spit upon all manner of civility is not only lost, but we lose a substantial amount of what makes us free. On the other hand, you just can’t make up news and be objective.

…More here @ Rebel Media

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