Hillary Strikes Again As Bernie Snoozes | May 2016

Hillary Supporter Snaps Snoozin’ Bernie at Memorial Day Event

– Breitbart


“A fellow Democrat posted a snapshot of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) apparently nodding off during a Memorial Day ceremony in the Presidio military cemetery in San Francisco on Monday.

Zoe Dunning, a gay rights activist, veteran, Hillary Clinton supporter, and high-ranking member of the San Francisco Democratic Party, posted the photograph to Facebook, with the following message:

Attending the Memorial Day Ceremony honoring the over 1 million Americans who have lost their lives serving our country, and watching Bernie Sanders fall asleep during it. There is nothing I can really add here. #imwithher

Responses on Facebook were less than enthusiastic. One man, Richard Stone, posted:

Zoe, thanx for your service. But I’m VFW and elected green (county council) and I still honor Bernie’s dedication to veterans rights. This is sheer artifice and a desperate attempt to disparage someone who has a stellar record of vets rights, nothing more to add here, #SMDFH


Sanders has an excuse other than age: he has kept a punishing campaign schedule, criss-crossing the Golden State and holding several rallies and meetings per day in an effort to turn out his vote and upset Clinton on June 7.

Clinton has been more sparing in her schedule, partly because she has deployed her husband, former president Bill Clinton, to reach some of the more far-flung rural communities.

Sanders serves on the Veterans Affairs committee in the U.S. Senate.”

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– Here is one of the commnents:

“Well at least Bernie was there to honor our servicemen and women. Where was Obama? Flying around Asia and basically saying once again that America is the problem and the starting point of all the world’s ills. So what if Bernie took a little snooze? Obama has been asleep at the wheel for the last 7 1/2 years.”

 – Touche’/CJ.


Undocumented immigrant arrested for using dead veteran’s identity to get VA benefits

– Foxnews Latino

Rene Ortiz Quintana

“Police in Arizona arrested an undocumented immigrant who had been using a deceased veteran’s identity to get medical and Social Security benefits.

Rene Ortiz Quintana, 69, took the identity of Ruben J. Gallardo, who has been dead since 1994, to get Social Security, VA and other Federal, state and local benefits since 2012.

Quintana received benefits totaling $29,062.19, according to ABC News.

Quintana, who has lived in the U.S. as an undocumented immigrant for around 50 years, used Gallardo’s information to an Arizona identification card, a state health card, a Phoenix health plan card and a VA choice card. The choice card allows veterans to get medical care at Non-VA facilities.

Police charged Quintana with fraudulent schemes, theft and seven counts of identity theft along with six counts of forgery. It is not clear whether the immigrant will have to pay back the money.”

…More here @ FoxNews Latino


Feds give thumbs-up to fracking off California coast

– San Diego Union-Trib


“An environmental assessment from two federal agencies released Friday determined that fracking off the coast of California causes no significant impact, thus lifting a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing that was instituted earlier this year.

“The comprehensive analysis shows that these practices, conducted according to permit requirements, have minimal impact,” Abigail Ross Hopper, director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, said in a statement.

The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement joined in the assessment, which analyzed well stimulation treatments on 23 oil and gas platforms off California’s coast between 1982 and 2014, and came back with a “Finding of No Significant Impact.”

The Center for Biological Diversity, the environmental group that filed a lawsuit that resulted in the moratorium, said Friday it is considering filing another suit in light of the agencies’ decision.

 “Offshore fracking is just an incredibly dangerous activity and we certainly wish the federal government was taking stronger actions to protect our oceans and our coast,” Miyoko Sakashita, the director of the center’s oceans program, told the Union-Tribune.

The environmental assessment looked at fracking — in which high-pressured fluids are pumped into a well to break through rock formations to loosen oil and gas — as well as impacts from waste water that is disposed in the process.

Companies still need to go through the federal application and permitting processes to frack at individual sites.

Industry officials welcomed the Friday’s announcement.

“Offshore energy is a vital source of jobs and revenue for both California and the U.S., and the sooner operations offshore California can resume the better,” Randall Luthi, president of the National Ocean Industries Association, said in a statement, dismissing the lawsuit that led to the assessment as “hyperbole” from “extreme environmental groups.”

The agencies’ assessment looked into and oil and gas platforms on the Outer Continental Shelf, in federal waters.

Waters within three miles of California’s coast are subject to state rules, which Sakashita said are stricter.”

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Memorial Day Weekend | May 2016

Remember to Hug a Vet and Say Thanks this Weekend


The Missiles of October  |  Papa Dukie (Love is a beautiful thing)

– Youtube

– Poul Pedersen and the Missiles of October Band perform “Papa Dukie (Love is a beautiful thing)” live:

“Back in the day In our sleepy little town
Out of nowhere A hippie band came around
They set up camp (Down by the river)
Close to So So Curve (behind the levee)
Folks said stay away (them people are dirty)
Tell deputy Momio get down there in a hurry
Nanananananana (2x)………….”

Complete lyrics @ Subdudes – Papa Dukie & The Mudd People Lyrics | MetroLyrics

More about the Missiles of October here  @  The Missiles of October Band

More music at Amazon here:  Hope – Missiles of October


For Memorial Day, honoring the ultimate sacrifice

– Union-Tribune San Diego

2466047_sd_me_memorial_observance_gasx006_r900x493Stories of amazing and unusual valor in service of country

“The modern idea of Memorial Day in the United States arose after the Civil War, the conflict that has spilled the most American blood.

After more than 620,000 soldiers perished, the still-young nation turned its thoughts toward honoring the graves of its war dead.

May was chosen because that’s when spring flowers are at their peak bloom.

The leader of the Grand Army of the Republic, an association of Union Army veterans, was a driving force.

“Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, no ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations that we have forgotten, as a people, the cost of a free and undivided republic,” Gen. John Logan wrote to his followers in 1868.

After World War I, a conflict that claimed more than 400,000 American lives, the day was expanded to honor all U.S. war dead.

Finally, in 1971, Congress pegged the national holiday known as Memorial Day to the last Monday of each May.

This series of stories tells the stories of nearly three dozen Americans who went into battlefields and displayed great courage.”

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Study says teens are spending nearly all their waking hours staring at screens

– Business Insider


“Facebook, news apps, Snapchat — there’s endless temptation for bored teens to take out their smartphones and scroll.

The Washington Post recently wrote an in-depth piece on kids these days and their social media usage, and in it was this startling statistic, courtesy a 2015 study by the nonprofit group Common Sense Media: Teens are spending nearly nine hours a dayconsuming media.

And children ages eight to 12 are spending nearly six hours a day doing the same thing.

Let’s say the average teen wakes up at 7 a.m. and goes to bed at 10 p.m. — that means that nine of their 15 waking hours are spent on their phones, computers, or tablets. The rest of those six hours are likely spent in school.

To put that in perspective, that’s nearly double the time that the average American spends looking at their phones.

The kids themselves estimate they’re spending much less time looking at their screens. Another related Washington Post story, “Who are these kids?”, went inside the Center for Generational Kinetics, a consulting firm that studies Generation Z and spends time talking to teens and tweens about their phone habits. According to researchers at the firm, teens spend between two and five hours a day in front of screens.”

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This is Not America – Part II – San Diego | May 2016

USA: Arrests made as anti-Trump protesters clash with police in San Diego

– Youtube  |

 – Anti-Trump, pro-Mexico immigration protestors outside the Donald Trump rally today in San Diego, Memorial Day Weekend.

…more here: Youtube


– Short and to the point. The commentary from the anchor is priceless and shows just how out of touch the mainstream media is. /CJ



Telemundo Caught Staging Propaganda at San Diego Anti-Trump Rally

– Youtube / Rebel Media

– This is a strange idea of ‘free’ press and ‘hey, he’s just a minor’ excuses.

When the press is spit upon all manner of civility is not only lost, but we lose a substantial amount of what makes us free. On the other hand, you just can’t make up news and be objective.

…More here @ Rebel Media

This Is Not America……or Smoke Gets in Your Eyes | New Mexico 2016

This Is Not America……

– Youtube

– Last night in Albuquerque, New Mexico, before and after the Trump rally. The end of free speech is not America. The right to peaceably assemble has not been suspended.

Apologies to David Bowie, but great art applies in all times, and his song lends a timelessness to even the worst of times and events.

Available here @ Amazon from the movie “The Falcon and the Snowman,” amazing how little we’ve learned since then.


MSNBC Praises Violent Anti-Trump Protesters Starting Fires, Assaulting Cops, Attacking Police Horses

– theGatewaypundit.com


“Last night in Albuquerque New Mexico, anti-Trump protesters threw rocks, smashed doors on the convention center, jumping on cop cars and set Trump flags on fire.

They stomped on police cars.

MSNBC praised the violent leftists.

JAMIL SMITH: I see a lot of people expressing their humanity in the face of a candidate who’s really built his candidacy on denouncing their humanity. Yeah, there are a few people out there not actually out there to protest but at the end of the day, they accomplished their goal, got on TV and they got their issues aired.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I thought the three people we heard from were great.

JOAN WALSH: They were. They have grievances. It’s not like it’s mindless or they just want violence. They’re speaking out against someone who’s really attacking their community.


…more @ thegatewaypundit.com

Society at the Seams | May 2016

South American Misery is Good Sport for John Oliver on HBO

– Youtube


– Last weekend the comedian John Oliver went on a long rant about the dire situation in Venezuela, which in his world safe in NYC, must seem quite hilarious.

Sadly people are dying and truly suffering. Oliver went on to blame the societal meltdown of the socialist nation on the falling price of oil, curiously failing to mention the other major issues you will see below. Unfortunately Mr. Oliver blocks youtube playback on other sites, so you’ll have to see it there.

Unfortunately, the socialist situation there is a bit more complex than John Oliver will allow, a “country you think about so little….” Really John?

See the video here @ HBO



Meanwhile Bernie Sanders Goes to the Happiest Place on Earth

– Youtube

– For the record:

“Disneyland has a larger cumulative attendance than any other theme park in the world, with over 650 million guests since it opened. In 2013, the park hosted approximately 16.2 million guests, making it the third most visited park in the world that calendar year.[2][3] According to a March 2005 Disney Company report, 65,700 jobs are supported by the Disneyland Resort, including about 20,000 direct Disney employees and 3,800 third-party employees (independent contractors or their employees.”

…continue reading @ wikipedia.org


Our Story – Venezuela’s Secret & 21st Century Socialism

– Youtube

– A detailed and heartrending statement on behalf of the students of Venezuela suffering under the Chavez imposed socialism of the past 17 years.

None of this was even alluded to by John Olivers’ odd piece, and while Bernie talks about Danish socialism as a model for the United States, he never seems to mention Venezuela, nor its students who are fighting the socialist regime.

See the whole video here @ Youtube


Man Hurls Fire at Albuquerque Police During Anti-Trump Rally

– Youtube


American students play at socialist ‘revolution’ in Albuquerque

– Youtube





It’s No Joke: Venezuela Cracks Down On Comedians



Venezuelan comedian Laureano Marquez performs a stand-up routine at a theater in Caracas last year. Marquez says the government is now cracking down on comedians who make jokes about the government and the country’s economic problems.
Photo credit: Christian Veron/Reuters/Landov

“Laureano Marquez was performing a benefit at his old high school in the Venezuelan city of Maracay. The comedian dwelled on the absurdities of life in this oil-rich nation, where gas is cheaper than water but it’s hard to find milk, toilet paper and many other everyday goods.

In the supermarket, Marquez said, desperate customers will steal scarce items right out of your shopping cart.

“In Venezuela, you get robbed of stuff that isn’t even yours yet,” he said to a round of laughs.

Turning serious, Marquez tells the crowd that the socialist revolution, launched 16 years ago by the late Hugo Chavez, is collapsing under the weight of bad policies and corrupt public officials.

That message doesn’t sit well with Venezuela’s president, Nicolas Maduro. Besides jailing opposition leaders and cracking down on protesters, the Maduro government is now going after comics.

Marquez says that three of his recent shows were canceled after all three clubs that booked him were suddenly closed down for alleged tax evasion. He’s also been shut out of government-run theaters and hotels.”

…continue reading @ NPR






Diamond & Silk Uniting Women for Trump | May 2016

Diamond and Silk:                                   Women United For Trump Event

– Youtube

Published on May 20, 2016
Diamond and Silk are bringing Women Of Many Ethnicities Nationally together to show Unity and support for their man Donald J. Trump.

Go to www.WomenUnitedForTrump.com and see if the ladies will be coming to a city near you. Get Your Tickets and T-Shirts Now.

Special Thanks to Black and Blond Productions

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