Where Are All the Latinos for Trump? | Apr 2016

Right here in OC – Diverse Crowd Shows up for Trump in Orange County, California

– Youtube

– Right here apparently, INSIDE the Trump Rally. Trump flies in and points out ‘Latino for Trump’ signs in Southern California primary rally.

A must see video from Mark F on Youtube, that the Mainstream Media just can’t seem to show. Talk about diverse, the Trump Tsunami seems to include all colors.

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Regrettably and all too obviously there is another side to the start of the rally on Thursday. Infowars shows it here, uncensored. /CJ

Now that we know who and what the Latinos for Trump stand for, who and what do the illegal alien supporters stand for?


Anti-Trump Rioters Gone Wild –  [UNCENSORED]

– Infowars.com


….More here @ Youtube


  • GWiii

    For years the politicians have sought to divide this nation. That is coming to an end. We are all one people no matter what our ancestry is. If you are here legally, you are my blood. If not, so sorry.