Trump’s New Campaign Manager | April 2016

CNN Interview with New Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort

– Youtube / DCWhispers / CNN

You’re winning the votes but losing the nomination.

New Trump Campaign Manager in just-released video, Paul Manafort speaks with CNN on the shift within the Trump campaign and his new direct role in it.

“Note how he says he answers to Trump directly – not through Lewandowski, a clear substantiation of the above report. This a very competent and confident political operative of the highest order…..”

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TRUMP Political Strategist: Trump Will Amass 1,237 Delegates Needed to Clinch Nomination

– theGatewaypundit

“Earlier this week The Gateway Pundit predicted that Donald Trump would win the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the Republican nomination before the convention in July.

In our conservative estimate we even gave Ted “New York Values” Cruz 35 delegates in New York which is impossible at this point.

Trump leads New York by 52% in the latest polling and could sweep all delegates in the Empire State.

We also predicted Ted Cruz will run out of delegates by April 26 unless he continues to steal them from Trump.

Today Donald Trump’s political strategist reported the same news.
Trump will amass the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination before the July convention.”

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