Houston Debate: Trump Blasts Rubio – Feb 2016

Ouch! TRUMP Blasts Rubio “I’m the only on this stage who’s hired people….you haven’t hired anybody.” (VIDEO)

– the Gateway Pundit

Much more here @ TheGatewayPundit.com

– Best quote of the night – Dr. Ben Carson:

“Could somebody attack me please? ”


Meanwhile before Congress, an outsourced Disney IT worker testifies…….


Laid Off Disney Worker Endorses Trump, SLAMS Rubio

– Daily Caller

““I am endorsing Donald Trump because I believe he will stand up to the all powerful corporations that spend millions each month in Washington DC in an attempt to influence our lawmakers,” he said in the statement. “I have faith that Trump will take immediate action to ensure no American professional ever again has to train his or her foreign replacement worker.”

Perrero also slammed Rubio, saying he “betrayed” American workers by pushing a bill known as I-Squared that would triple the number of foreign workers businesses can hire on H-1b visas, which is what many of the workers who replaced Perrero and his IT colleagues held.

“Marco Rubio was nowhere to be found,” Perrero said in the statement, after pointing out only the other Florida senator, Bill Nelson, offered assistance when he asked for help following the layoff. “Instead, he was pushing a corporate-backed plan to triple the number of foreign guest workers replacing American workers in technology fields while hundreds of former Disney IT workers were lining up in the unemployment line.”

“Under Rubio’s plan, thousands more Floridians will experience the same fate as us,” he continued. “Marco Rubio has betrayed American workers.”

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