Historic SpaceX Landing – Dec 2015

SpaceX – ORBCOMM – 2  MISSION Historic Rocket Launch & Precision Terrestrial Landing – Era of Reusable Orbital Rockets Begins

– SpaceX

– SpaceX is based in Hawthorne, California

A huge win for the post-Boomer generation in the United States, they should justifiably be proud. They should enjoy this history making achievement, proving our best days may lie ahead and beyond.


SpaceX’s Triumphant Rocket Landing Could Revolutionize Spaceflight

– Scientific American – Dec 22

– An early test video from SpaceX of a SpaceX Grasshopper rocket launch and landing in June 14, 2013. Incredible perspective and angle off the launch.

More here @ SpaceX Videos

The winter solstice made last night the longest and darkest of the year, but the skies over Florida were filled with light, not once, but twice. First when a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX launched a payload of satellites into orbit from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, and again nine minutes later when the 15-story-tall first stage of the rocket returned to Earth, riding its fiery jet to a gentle landing.

Though dreamed of for decades by aerospace engineers, such a landing was long considered the stuff of science fiction. “It’s a revolutionary moment,” SpaceX founder CEO Elon Musk said in a press conference shortly after the landing. “No one has ever brought a booster, an orbital-class booster, back intact.” By reusing rockets, Musk said, the total cost of sending cargo and crews to orbit could eventually be reduced by more than a factor of a hundred—cheap enough to open the heavens to all manner of new activities, including Musk’s dream of retiring on Mars.

Read the whole article by Lee Billings @  Scientific American

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