Questioning Media – Dec 2015


The Media have gone from objective reportage on the world to the presenters of a message, a narrative of reality, not reality itself.

They tend to focus on the inconsequential, avoid the essential and strive to provoke rather than enlighten.  Question their message. Everyone has a message. 

Exhibit A, B, C & D: 

Tom Brady Ends Presser When Questioned About Trump (VIDEO)

– Newsbusters


– The MSM tries to embroil another American hero in gotcha politics. Celebrities instead of experts are the last people you want commenting on actual crises.

Thanks Tom. Read the rest here @ by Dylan Guinn at NewsBusters


FBN’s Lou Dobbs Spotlights MRCTV’s Joseph Being Snapped at by Chris Matthews – Ouch

– Newbusters


– Or not.

“Near the end of his Fox Business Network (FBN) show on Wednesday night, host Lou Dobbs played and discussed with his panel video released on Tuesday that featured MRCTV’s Dan Joseph asking MSNBC’s Chris Matthews if he still has “the thrill” up his leg all these years later about President Barack Obama. Of course, as many readers now know, Matthews fired back by ignoring Joseph’s question and repeatedly telling him to “go to hell” and “leave me alone.”

– What a grinch, must see video, too funny for words.

See more here @ NewsBusters


CNN to Carson: You ‘Tough’ Enough to Kill Thousands of Children? – Seriously?

– Newsbusters


“In a bizarre exchange, co-debate moderator Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday night pressed Ben Carson as to whether he was “tough” enough to kill thousands of children. Hewitt lectured, “We’re talking about ruthless things tonight. Carpet bombing, toughness, war. And people wonder, could you do that?”

– Would Hugh Hewitt have asked that question of Bobby Kennedy or Jimmy Carter?

Why doesn’t Hillary Clinton or Obama get these kinds of questions? This is ridiculous.

Talk about ruthless, what a ruthless thing to do. Carson handled it well. Hugh Hewitt wasn’t much when he was in California, I can see he hasn’t improved.

Read more here @ NewsBusters

Finally, for those interested the entire Donald Trump speech in Las Vegas the night before the debate: Here

Speech starts at: 19:56 in.


Herb Schiller on Media, Corporations and Society

– Youtube



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